ABOUT | Hogan Marketing & Media

Hogan Media and Music was founded in 1996 and began as a music licensing company that served 20th Century Fox, Disney, and several major TV networks. Since its inception, HMM has expanded its efforts to include an impressive client list that includes nearly every major television network, film studio and affiliate consultant agreements with major manufacturers such as Ty Toys, Russell Stover chocolates, Walgreens and Hallmark cards, to name a few. HMM also has expanded into responsibilities to include exclusive representation with notables such as Aretha Franklin’s blockbuster hits: “Think” and “Mustang Sally”, as well as, the entire Charlie Brown / Linus and Lucy / Peanuts & the Gang music catalog.

HMM continued to expand its capabilities outside the music corridor and added a marketing and advertising arm complete with a recording studio and sound stage. HMM now represents major nationally recognized franchise chains such as Massage Envy, Yogurtland, and European Wax in addition to regional businesses such as Mechanics Banks, Comcast and a myriad of local merchants. Through our vast experience and resources HMM offers in-house capabilities to produce, negotiate and execute marketing platforms for TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, outdoor media and internet marketing.

In keeping current with the fast past, internet world, HMM launched Digital Marketing Fusion (DMF). DMF is a complete and automated social networking platform that offers our stable of merchants and business owners improved SEO exposure; lead generation, customer review coordination and an automated customer follow campaign. DMF’s social networking platform is state-of-the-art technology and is based on our 3 year consulting relationship with Google. DMF is the perfect vehicle to highlight HMM’s video and creative talents intertwined with the vast marketing opportunities and facilities available via the web.

HMM is continuing to evolve and react to the ever changing landscape of marketing, entertainment and distribution through traditional means, as well as, the internet, mobile platforms and off-site kiosks.

From concept to creative to production and execution, HMM is the solution.