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Music Licensing & Clearance

Areas of specialty are: Film licensing, TV and Broadcast licensing, Digital Downloads and Mechanical Download licensing for album releases, music Licensing for products such as confectionary products, gift cards and paper products, apps, digital jukebox licensing, advertising campaigns and licensing for theatrical trailers.

Licensing and clearing music for any product and/or project is something that must be handled professionally in order to acquire the best rate possible for you, the Licensee ,and to ensure that the Licensor, who is the publisher or master owner, is satisfied and content with their respective quote. The licensing and clearance process is a two –way street as both negotiating parties must feel and acquire the best rate for themselves and their companies. 95% of the time, normal music clearances entail clearance and licensing both the underlying copyright and also a well- known master recording. Even though you think this must be an easy process, it can be a bit tricky when dealing with master recordings because some of the more obscure recordings are owned by entities that are not very easy to find. Researching the copyright and recording via social media assets adds a new dimension to clearance issues and is becoming one of the standard research criteria.

Cue Sheets

Cue sheets are a necessary part of any broadcast production. It is extremely important to acquire all copyright information accurately as this is needed to complete cue sheets. The respective cue sheet must be filed with the PROS which are: ASCAP, BMI, and or SESAC to ensure that the writers and publishers receive any performance income due. We can provide and assist you with that aspect of your business.

Publishing Administration/Representation

We handle the publishing administration for two well- known publishing catalogs which are: Fourteenth Hour Music and Lee Mendelson Film Productions, Inc.

If you are interested in our publishing administration services, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss this with you in detail. We will never ask for a percentage of your copyright but we do charge the standard administration fees.

Licensing Information

Hogan Media & Music represents:

  • Fourteenth Hour Music
  • Lee Mendelson Film Productions, Inc.
  • Teddy Richards

Please visit our Licensing Page for information regarding the artist Hogan Medai & Music represts and forms for aquiring licenses.